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Art as Inspiration Gives Rise to Compassion!

Art as inspiration gives rise to compassion

InBodiedLight Being #9 from back, ZaHaVa Sherez, InBodiedLight Being #9 from the front. 

Art is not often passive or silent. It can hold fantasy, depict reality, convey emotion, carry gravitas, transport one to other places, and trigger a physical reaction. The art of ZaHaVa Sherez is engaging and inspiring. First, I find myself glancing, then staring, and before I know it I've become transfixed by the image, light, and reflection. Without any warning you are transported, but to where? Only you can make that journey.

There are many reasons for ZaHaVa having been selected as the Global Art Gallery's featured artist. She and her work align beautifully with our 2022 Gala theme, Architects of Justice. As our recipients, to be announced at the end of the month, she is a global citizen. She was born in Argentina, grew up in Israel, and arrived in the USA in 1985. Since 2018, she has been living and working both in California and Jalisco, MX. Being multi-cultural and multi-lingual has enriched her life in indescribable ways. Experiences such as immigration, wars, and oppression have been implausible teachers who deepened and shaped her worldview.

ZaHaVa Sherez's art is about the essence of the human journey as experienced by the individual and the collective. Having lived on four continents, and a direct descendant of generations of immigrants and refugees, Zahava embraces cultures, traditions, and the highest level of spirituality. Her experiences have taught her that humanity is all one. Her influences are many but include Brancusi, Isamu Noguchi, Eva Hesse, Rumi, and The Guides.

As an artist, she draws from her life lessons and has used stone, clay, resin, bronze, mixed media, and color, to convey her messages.

Sherez is the recipient of numerous awards, and her work has been shown from California to New York, as well as in Paris, China, on Corsica, and in Mexico. Private and corporate collectors in the USA, Israel, The Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, England, Chile, and Mexico, own her art.

Visit our Global Gala Gallery site to read about ZaHaVa in her own words.

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Monday, 29 May 2023
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