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Doing What's Right!

Doing whats's right! Doing whats's right!

Walking the dog, I listen to the birds and the wind in the trees. I love the quiet alone time and allowing my mind to wander. Often, I mull over things I've read or stories that friends have told me and I notice the compassion or its absence. The story I'm sharing with you below touched me and it kept resurfacing in my mind. Its author shared it, i...

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Progress is Slow and Steady


Like most of us, I imagine, when something needs maintenance, I like a quick fix or even better—a cheap quick fix. But when it sounds too good to be true... It usually is, and sometimes, especially in the case of work needed to save our planet and humanity, the necessary work is so fundamental that it is a long-term undertaking. Of course, our...

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The Seesaw


This year, in my annual catch-up-with-friends-letter, I'm sharing my excitement about working with the Charter for Compassion. No more Sunday Night Blues about the week about to begin. It was new to me--work with a purpose, and while for a few years now, the Charter has been my positive parallel reality when the news was too hard for me to watch, n...

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