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Review: Housing is a Human Right - Ep. 5 - Eden Village


We are excited to announce a new addition to our webinar series: Adrian Dingle of Raising the Roof in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, presenting next Tuesday, August 30th at 8 am Pacific Time. 

The fifth installment of "Housing is a Human Right," our newest webinar series, introduced us to Eden Village. Nate Schlueter, gave us a rundown on how their project sprouted from social gatherings and meeting people experiencing homelessness. He gave us a deep, honest, and compassionate way of seeing their neighbors, the way they apply the Golden Rule (Treat others as you want to be treated) to their systems, and how they have created an easily replicable way to create villages for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in any community. (Looking at you, Compassionate Cities!)

Our webinar series includes conversations with Amber Fogarty of Community First Village in Austin, Texas; Dan Bryant and Andrew Heben of SquareOne Villages in Oregon; Tim Stay from The Other Side Village in Salt Lake City, Utah; Nate Schlueter of Eden Village in 9 states; Adrian Dingle of Raising the Roof in Toronto, Canada (NEW ADDITION!); and María Fernanda Hernandez of Techo in Monterrey, Mexico.

The video is already on YouTube! (embedded below) 

Here's the timeline of the video:

2:10 - Intro to Eden Village and The Gathering Tree (Non-profit organization behind Eden Village)

4:00 – Timeline and Statistics

6:00 – Mission

8:40 – Rules

9:00 – Vision

10:20 – What houses look like

12:05 – Revive Campground

13:25 – Video of Jean becoming the newest neighbor in Eden Village

17:45 – Living in Eden Village

21:45 – What have they found out?

23:00 – 5 words associated with "homelessness" and words associated with "home"

23:48 – Study done in Eden Village 1 – Statistics.

26:40 – Q&A

I love how much focus and planning for Eden Village happened because they were practicing and thinking about this project with the Golden Rule in mind.

How would a person experiencing homelessness feel if…?

They put themselves in those people's shoes.

How do we want to be treated?

Why would we treat someone experiencing poverty or homelessness differently than we are treated or want to be treated?

Very inspiring, compassionate, and very relatable to the Charter and how we started! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch this.)

Check out their website at to learn more about their programs and to stay in touch!

Join us next Tuesday, August 30, at 8 am Pacific, as we host Adrian Dingle of Raising The Roof in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by registering here.

With love,

- Felipe

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Monday, 29 May 2023
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