Crossing Borders Education


Date/Time: July 20, 2023, Thursday 7:30am to 9am Pacific Time



Crossing Borders facilitates active learning to develop life skills and character strengths through interactive workshops, thought-provoking media, and engaging intergroup dialogue processes that empower you and your group during these uncertain times.

Our interactive method is designed to strengthen those human capacities in your group that unlock the powers of diversity and deep connections through vital skills such as curiosity, robust empathy* and social intelligence.

(*An empathy that develops capacities to move beyond our comfort zones and in-groups.) 

Our Vision

We believe that through intercultural dialogue, the arts and self-actualisation, we can uplift each other, grow civic imagination and better engage in purposeful actions on our beautiful yet aching planet.

Through our feature films, peer-led workshops and media-library for universities, businesses and civic groups, we support the development of strong, aware individuals and we empower groups across cultural, national, generational, and socio-economic boundaries.

Our Approach

We create interactive workshops, thought-provoking media and films and engaging group processes that empower people to view the world from multiple perspectives. We work for a world where informed curiosity, robust empathy and social intelligence shape our ways to dialogue across difference.

Our Values

The CBE team believes in creating caring environments that are shaped by integrity, curiosity and empathy.

We are driven by our vision and our collective experiences as a team, where we have observed first hand how dialogue across differences can change dynamics and energy and create a sense of true community and purpose.

We continuously seek to answer questions at the intersection of film, dialogue and self-actualization. Through creative collaborations we have discovered effective and compelling answers on questions such as:

  • How can we create deep and trusting personal connections in the virtual space, while interacting across a broad spectrum of identities (cultural, religious, etc.)?
  •  How can small communities of practice create virtual support networks across cultural differences and social inequalities?
  • How can regular interactions serve to enable empathic collaboration and purposeful action?

Our Peer-Led Methodology

At the heart of our approach is peer-support. This shows how we work with our partners through intimate groups at scale, deploying a ‘fish bowl’ method. This method enables us to ‘model’ and thereby rehearse dialogue in safe spaces.



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